Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog presentation

Dear blog reader:

Throughout the year I’ve been working with Google blogger. I’ve been improving on my writing, reading, and research abilities. I started this blog at the beginning of the year, and have been working on it ever since. I created this blog because of my simple love for flowers.

Towards the beginning of the year, I started out doing research trying to find new names of flowers I’ve never heard of, along with different purposes for them, and which flowers grow the best with one another. I’ve come from only knowing a few flowers, to being able to identify 80 new flowers. I’ve created various posts about my passion I share for flowers, along with creative posts illustrating my stimulating desire to create floral arrangements. I’ve researched which schemes truly complement each other to their fullest potential. I’ve managed to goes as far as writing various poems and haikus about flowers.

During my blog, I was fortunate enough to carry an interview with someone who used to work at the Fortuna Florist. I feel as though this was completely beneficial to me because I was able to get a one-on-one connection with someone who was involved in the floral industry. By creating my blog I was introduced into a completely new social networking way. Blogging is new to me, however it is a fast-growing hobby. By blogging, I've been fortunate to learn how to blog, write posts, create comments, and view other blogs to see how other blogs are set up. Working with blogger has benefited me to the fullest I would say. Without blogger, I would be in the dark about the new form of communication. I've also progressed myself as a gardener and florist.

My blog has transformed me into a diligently hard working individual. I've progressed in not only my writing, but my research abilities as well. I've come from short, and weak paragraphs, to extensive well researched, strongly written structured paragraphs.

Because of my blog, I've tried many new things. This includes specific book reports, passion reports, and collabo posts where I work with another person to collaborate and create one post. My blog has introduced me into many new things. Due to creating my blog, I've learned many new characteristics about flowers, I never would have guessed of before. Flowers are unique and individual. You may have the same gene or type of flower, however all are different and produce many different scents and styles of flowers which are desired and enjoyed by everyone all over the world. The global industry for flowers is definitely beneficial to me for a couple different reasons. To begin with, after doing extensive research and careful decisions, I've decided I want to pursue the floral industry and become a florist myself. I would like to one day open my own nursery.

Since we created our blogs, I was able to make a career decision, and decide I wanted to join the floral industry. Without our blogs, I believe I would still be searching in this world for something that truly interested me and I wanted to pursue. Our blogs have transformed all of us individually, and shaped us into creative, organized, and spontaneous bloggers This assignment has taught me who I am as a person, and has brought out my inner passion. Blogging allows anyone to reach out and describe their feelings and emotions about a certain area of discussion. I believe blogging can and will transform you into an intelligent reader, writer, and researcher.

Whitney Katri