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500 popular roses for American gardeners

500 popular roses for American gardeners published by Gordon Cheers is in the form of a book, released in 1997, subjected towards the history of roses, species, and cultivation. Color size, and general information are all persuasive techniques which are used to grab my attention. The intended audience for this message would be to those who want to learn a little about roses including classification, history, and cultivation of roses, the autor related this by providing pictures and directions of what they should look like along with the names of them.
Those who value roses, gardening, or mother earth are represented within the message. The purpose of this message is to allow those who want to learn more about roses, the history of them or simply to grow them, this will definitely give you the real insight of growing roses.

History of roses

Roses were used to make an enormous variety of products from eye ointments to scented rosary beads, biscuits, and candies. Towns wives and rural peasants treasured roses. They moved gradually from utilitarian purposes to homeopathic medicine, perfume, and cookery, to being cultural symbols and objects of beauty. Now more than ever they are valued for their beauty and ease with which they grow. Empress Josephine is reported to have played a leading role in popularizing roses.
 The middle classes ensured roses became the principal flower in the garden, indoor decoration, and exhibitions. America adopted roses as their mainstay of their gardens. The peak point of roses is during the 19th century. David Austin's introduction to "English roses" in 1961 has created an increasing interest in roses once again.