Friday, December 6, 2013

500 popular roses for American gardeners

500 popular roses for American gardeners published by Gordon Cheers is in the form of a book, released in 1997, subjected towards the history of roses, species, and cultivation. Color size, and general information are all persuasive techniques which are used to grab my attention. The intended audience for this message would be to those who want to learn a little about roses including classification, history, and cultivation of roses, the autor related this by providing pictures and directions of what they should look like along with the names of them.
Those who value roses, gardening, or mother earth are represented within the message. The purpose of this message is to allow those who want to learn more about roses, the history of them or simply to grow them, this will definitely give you the real insight of growing roses.


  1. Whitney, your blog looks gorgeous. I also have a love for flowers. Cant wait to see whats coming to this blog. C.D.

  2. I'd like to know how many types of roses there are, like are blue roses actually blue?