Thursday, April 3, 2014

Which flowers grow the best together?

One day, I plan to open up my own nursery. With this I need to learn which species and genesis grow best together. However, all flowers flow together, some just flow a little better. You ultimately want to keep all flowers that share the same lighting ways, watering steps, and soil requirements together. They should truly flourish once together. Ensure you have flowers growing throughout the whole year so you can have ravishing color in your garden, during the course of the whole year. Combining all different types of flowers, heights, and different colors gives your garden your personal touch.
Some flowers, such as Artemisia, zinnia, cosmos, and penstemon all do exceptionally well in flower beds that are exposed to the sun throughout the whole day. Others like pansies, snapdragons, and begonia all preform the best in more shady beds. The flowers that typically sway more to the shade tend to be a little crisper when it is exposed to too much sun.
Snowdrops, daffodils, and primrose all bring you an early spring color to your garden. Mid-summer flowers are typically tulips, violas, and snapdragons. Then in the late summer, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, and asters all bloom. Once you have the correct colors together, it can bring you to complete bliss. This is created from mixing pastels, with white flowers, with a burst of riot full colors. Contrast the height of your flowers from tiny little flowers, to giant flowers that set the background for springtime. Bring in shorter flowers, along with longer flowers. The more creative you are with your garden, the more happiness it will bring to you.  


  1. Nice informational paragraph Whitney! Its always good to know what flowers grow the best togather! NV

  2. I honestly would have never guessed that certain flowers grow better with other flowers. I just thought you planted them down and made sure there staying alive! I always went for vibrant, very colorful flowers, maybe they didn't thrive together as they needed too. oh well, ill try it another time!