Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book review: simple flowers

"Simple flowers" created by Paula James Merrell. Written in 1999 with hopes you will gain simple flower knowledge. In the form of a book to provide over 200 photographs to give you inspiration and to create ravishing flower arrangements and to draw you into the flower industry.
Wanting to gain basic knowledge with flower arranging or to simply look at the magnificent arrangements people have created.
Written in a non-fiction form showing you how to create single flowers arrangements, spring time flowers, along with summer, autumn, and winter style arrangements. The basic care and maintenance of flowers is also included, within the book.
"My love of flowers started as early as I can remember." This is increasingly relatable to me for several reasons. When I was in grammar school my aunt used to work at the Fortuna Florist. This truly fueled my passion for flowers. When I would go visit I would fall in love more and more with every sight of a flower. Flowers honestly bring me happiness.
However this book could make a few changes. For example, on page 121 the arrangement needs a new container. The in-correct proportioning makes the arrangement look like an amateur created it. The arrangement on page 121 gives me the feeling the designer doesn't know what she's trying to create. Where's the shape?
In conclusion, flower arranging is a highly applauded activity. If you're in search of basic floral knowledge or want to get involved with creating arrangements I highly suggest reading simple flowers. This book will help you increasingly. It will not only help you grow as a florist, but also as a person.

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  1. You're so passionate about flowers, even dating back to your childhood, flowers really must have impacted you as a kid