Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Passion blog

My passion for flowers first developed when I was in the third grade. This was when I first realized I was in love with flowers. My aunt was working at the Fortuna Florist which ultimately ignited my passion for flowers. I often frequented the shop just to see new designs. Flowers allow you to show passion, lust, love, thanks, soul, and they glisten with beauty. Flowers personally bring me joy.
A simple flowers arrangement can brighten anyone's day and can also make them feel warm and happy. Flowers demonstrate great beauty. Flowers come in all different shapes, colors, uniqueness, and they serve as many purposes. Every single flowers posses a different meaning. Flowers bring out my inner passion.
Flowers serve different purposes such as scented rosary beads, biscuits, and candies. The purposes moved gradually from utilitarian purposes in homeopathic medicine, perfumery, and cookery. One of the most important purposes being perfume. I simply love flowers.


  1. Well Isaac Helton, the list of flowers I enjoy goes on and on. It's hard to select just one single flower to be my favorite. I typically like flowers that are alluring to me by their smells and colors. One flower that I enjoy quite a bit is a carnation. They smell incredible, and are simply beautiful. What's your favorite kind of flower?