Friday, March 21, 2014

Creative blog

Oh tulip,
how I love your beauty
so elegant and ravishing.
The way you sway in the wind
is unlike anything I've seen before
completely astonishing and alluring
tulip, you're beautiful.


  1. this makes me think of tulip in a total different way i didn't know there could be so beautiful

  2. Great creative poem Whitney!! I love how you describe the beautiful tulip swaying in the wind. NV

  3. So creative whitney. each line leaves me guessing for more. keep up the hard work on your flowers!

  4. Nice poem! i like how well you describe a tulip.

  5. This is a great poem. What well the topic of your next poem be on? What inspired you to make this poem? Would you like to be a flower to be able to feel what you wrote in description about how the flower moved? Do you make poems in your free time? Would you want to experience the same thing that the flowers go through?
    Berenice S.

  6. Wow Whitney, this is a very creative post! It's a very great description of the tulip, good job!