Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Profilic & Terrific: Ranunculus

Magnificently colored, delicate, and very thin petals all describe Ranunculus.They are a very special flower. Ranunculus’s often are found to look like origami type creations with their delicate, multiple layered petals. These flowers grow extremely well in Southern and Western gardens. They're also ideal for containers. They're long lasting flowers after they've been cut. Bulbs for Ranunculus are made widely available mostly in the fall. These flowers last up to six weeks. The most common type of Ranunculus being Tecolote strain. This type of flowers comes in colors of gold, pastel mix, pink, red, rose, salmon, sunset orange, yellow, and white. The least common flower is Bloomingdale strain. This is typically shorter, around ten inches generally.
These come in colors of pale orange, pink, red, yellow, and white double flowers. These flowers do the best in climates where there are mild winters, followed by a long and cold spring. Ranunculus flowers are often found in states such as California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. You should plant them near October to November, as they would flower in March. Depending on what you’re planting them in would decide when you should truly plant the bulbs.
For example, if you’re planting your bulbs indoors in a pot, you would want to plant during the month of February, to be transplanted later on. You should place them facing south of west facing a window, or under growing lights. Often gardeners create Ranunculus to be an annual. Meaning they come back and produce every year. Ranunculus’s are beautiful creations.


  1. This flower sounds beautiful Whitney. Didn't realize flowers had so much to them before I started reading your blogs. Keep it going! C.D.

  2. C.D. Is right! that flower sounds amazingly beautiful.. I don't know what the name is, kinda sounded like rhinosaures to me. anyways you know your shtuff about them flowers... Do you have a flower garden yourself?

  3. I like the word Ranunculus it reminds me of ridicules that's just Ranunculus Whitney! ;)