Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Passion blog

Out of all the flowers that are in our universe, I have to say one of my favorites would have to be a carnation. A carnation is one of the most popular flowers to send or receive. They smell incredible delicious, and I completely adore them. These flowers are increasing delicate, but can withhold for quite some time. The scientific name is dianthus. Once you translate it, the meaning is "flower of love." This is possibly one of the worlds oldest flowers known to be.
These flowers also carry excessive blooming periods. They typically smell like clovers. carnations carry the meaning of fascination, distinction, and love. Red carnations are typically used to represent admiration. However the dark red carnations are used to represent deeper levels of love and affection. White carnations are associated with purity and luck. Pink carnations give the sign of gratitude. These flowers re immediately recognizable and make great arrangements. Carnations are simply beautiful.


  1. I also think carnations are one of the best flowers. Great Post! I.S.

  2. OMG whitney. I love to hear how passionate you about these flowers! It makes me just realize don't take life granted and enjoy the little things! Thank you for opening my eyes! Keep it up with the posts!